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Stop Selling Stuff and Start Changing Lives

By David

Business owners now a days are lost when it comes to simple foundational marketing that works. Understanding the extreme power of just being cool and offering much cooler stuff frequently and more often can really ramp up your bottom line.

I’m sure you know the wonderful world of core sales numbers right? Well let me give you a refresher…

There are essentially only 3 mysterious ways to increase a business.

  1. The first being – Increase the Number of Prospects.
  2. Next in the increase of  conversions of prospects to buyers
  3. Last is to increase the value of the customer by a) increasing frequency of purchase and b) how much they buy at one time (value).

So with that being said, when was the last time you analyzed all three of your core sales numbers to increase your business? Because all the other jargon like website building and twitter really don’t matter if you do not have a plan to increase all of the numbers.

Now yes, I understand that a website is needed now a days, but then what? What do you put on the website to increase your conversions?

What you should let your prospects know is first why they should come to you instead of any competition. Give them a reason to believe why you are so cool. It should be benefit oriented and without fluffy pretty words. Straight to the point with intent to wow them.

Next, what are you offering these potential buyers? Are you really giving them super value that will in fact change their lives? If you are not, we may need to re structure our offer.

You see starbucks took over, not by being in the coffee business. No not at all. They are in the comforting warm feeling business. Walk into a starbucks and try not to feel comfortable – it will be pretty hard. People are working on their macs, drinking a venti mocha while having that comforting feeling around them.

They sell the feeling and warmth, which in turn justifies their prices for a cup of coffee. That feeling also takes them away from being in reality for awhile with all the jargon going on outside. A place to relax with a cup of joe. There are more defining factors as to why they have exploded, but for now let’s stick to that.

So having a great message will in fact increase your conversions by portraying your extreme coolness compared to others while offering something amazing and potentially life changing. Which is a part of core sales numbers factor ultimatum number 2.

What I want you to do is restructure your offer so it caters to whoever will receive it. Jump in their shoes and believe it. If you can really sell yourself and say “that’s a damn good offer” then make it even better.

If you do this properly, your prospects will thank you for giving you money. You must always give much more value than the money received.

With that being said, there is a more in depth overview core sales numbers and essentials in my report “Double Your Business.”

Just sign up to the right and download the report.

I’d love to hear what you thought of this post and the report in the comments below.

Until next time – Take Care,

David Rosa