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Special Letter

From: David Rosa

The economy is slowing and the competition for sales in small business is at an all time high. Combine this with the fact that over 75% of all small businesses fail within the first five years…and you have a huge mountain to overcome.

So…How is it that most businesses are failing and yet there are some businesses out there producing enormous amounts of profits and time off for their owners?

How do they do it? How can you stack the odds in your favor like they do?

And more importantly, what do YOU have to do to join those business owners who seem to have “Plenty” of time and money?

You can join those same business owners who consistently earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year while their businesses seem to operate on autopilot. We can show you how!

Some of your answers lie in what you have already been doing…
…In Your Hidden Marketing Assets already in your business!

Our HMA Marketing System works by optimizing the eight pillars of marketing that support and drive the profits in a strong business. I am going to reveal all eight of these on the next page, but…

First, I want to reveal more on 

How The HMA Marketing System works…

The First Step, where you will have the opportunity to start transforming your business in less than 90 days…is by starting with a Marketing Opportunity Analysis meeting.

During this Marketing Opportunity Analysis meeting, which is a comprehensive Marketing Audit, we will work together to uncover your Hidden Marketing Assets that you already have hiding in your business. We will also create a strategy plan that will get you results, guaranteed!

As small business owners, we know that many times it is easy to get so involved in the day-to-day operation of our business that we may overlook many of the marketing assets that are just sitting there available to us in the business.

These “Hidden Marketing Assets” may take many different forms, but if they could be leveraged and optimized, these assets could produce anextra $10,000 to even $500,000 in additional revenue and profits for your company depending on your gross revenue.

Do You Have Any Of These In Your Business?

  • Past customers
  • Special knowledge or industry expertise
  • Unique products or services
  • Under performing sales people
  • Advertising that doesn’t get results
  • Present customers
  • Relationships with other businesses
  • Average unit sale amount
  • Back end products
  • Community reputation
  • Prospective customers
  • A great location
  • Staff expertise or lack of
  • Quality products
  • Low closing ratios
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Marketing efforts that don’t work
  • Packaging of products and services
  • Web presence

Are you making any of these marketing mistakes?

  • Not promoting your U.S.P. or E.V.P.
  • Running ineffective image or media advertising
  • Cutting prices on the front end with no back end marketing plan
  • Not testing all components of your marketing
  • Not using effective headlines
  • Building on only one or two marketing pillars
  • Not using joint ventures and alliances
  • Do your ads “tease and titillate” instead of “teach and educate”?
  • Not having an effective internet website


During our Marketing Opportunity Analysis and Strategy meeting we will help you identify, and re-deploy these assets in a way that will give you Guaranteed dramatic growth increases in a very short time without having to invest a lot of money in more advertising!

Do I Have Your Attention Yet?

If so, please fill up your coffee cup and find a quiet place to sit down and finish reading this entire letter.  Yeah…it’s that important!

Now, let’s start with the only three ways to grow a business:

1) You can acquire more new prospects.

2) You can increase the conversion rate that you turn prospects into customers.

3) Or, you can increase the value of your customer by:

  • Increasing the average transaction value
  • Increasing the number of transactions

Everything you do in marketing your business boils down to at least one of these three things. Let’s look at some math that more carefully explains this, shall we?

We’ll look at a Business called XYZ Widgets that currently generates:

$300,000 in annual sales with 3,000 customers (from 15,000 prospects), averaging $100.00 per customer transaction and a 20% closing percentage.

So let’s look at each of the ways to grow XYZ Widgets business using some math and assuming they desire 25% growth on an annual basis:

Scenario 1 – Add 25% more new prospects…

15,000 prospects times 1.25 (25% more prospects) = 18,750 prospects…which converts into 750 more customers times the average $100.00 per customer = $75,000 in increased sales (25% more).

By the way, that is only 62 customers a month, or about three a dayfor this business if they are open only 5 days a week! Is it difficult to gain only three more customers a day?

Scenario 2 – Increase your conversion rate (closing percentage) of prospects to customers by 25%…

By increasing XYZ Widgets closing percentage from 20% to 25% (an increase of 25%) will result in 25% more sales. Here is how it works…

It took 15,000 prospects to close 3,000 (20%)customers for XYZ Widget.  If we take the same 15,000 prospects and close 25% of these customers…that means XYZ Widget ends up with 3750 paying customers at $100.00 current average per customer…or: $375,000 in annual sales, an increase of $75,000! (25% More)

Scenario 3 – Increase the value of each customer by 25%…

3000 customers, with an increased value (average sale) of $125 per customer or 25% more per sale per customer = $375,000 in annual sales…or $75,000 in increased sales.

What if you could get 10% of your 3000 customers to come back and buy again at least once? 300 repeat customers times $100 average per sale = $30,000 MORE in annual sales…What if they came back twice?

Do you see the beauty of our HMA System now?  Just adding $25.00 per transaction for a business that already averages $100.00 per transaction gets you 25% more sales annually. Do you have a product or “added – value” service that could help you do this with your own average sale transaction? What are you doing to get them to come back and spend again?

Each of these 3 scenarios assumed a 25% increase in each area of business growth independently. And that is not even the best part of The Hidden Marketing Assets Marketing System. The best part is…



Can you afford to lose out on growth like this by not having this System in your business?

To Your Success,

David Rosa

P.S. If you are interested in having a this special chat with us go to the contact page and let us know.